Directed by Bo Landin and Sterling Van Wagenen
Produced by Slickrock Films and Qatar Museums Authority
Music by Yo Yo Ma and the Silk Road Project and Alan Williams

Culture, Nature and Light: These elements provide the structure for the documentary film that explores the mind and heart of one of the world’s master architects, Chinese-American I.M. Pei,  while chronicling his latest creation; the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar.

Already in his 90’s, he embarked on another spectacular odyssey, maybe his toughest yet. “Islamic architecture has a desert origin, and therefore it has a certain modesty I don’t want to lose”, I.M. Pei says in the film.

Produced by award winning directors Bo Landin and Sterling Van Wagenen the film visits Alhambra and Cordoba in Spain, and Cairo, to search for references to understand the essence of Pei’s architecture that will find its historical  place in an Islamic world stretching from Cordoba to Samarkand. The new Museum of Islamic Art has already been dubbed “The Louvre of the Middle East” and after opening its doors to the public in November 2008 it has been baptized an architectural world wonder, exposing one of the world’s most magnificent collections of Islamic art.

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